Brook Nursery School

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Settling in & parental  involvement

When a child first joins Brook Nursery School their settling-in period is tailored to meet each individual child’s needs. Some children are happy to be left by their parents and for others a more gradual settling in process is needed.

The children’s play and learning during the nursery school day consists of a mixture of child-led and adult-led activities which are based on both spontaneous and pre-planned activities and experiences. The children’s progress is recorded through written observations and photographs. This information is shared with parents throughout their child’s time with us.

There are opportunities throughout the school year for parents and family to be involved in the life of the nursery school and to meet other parents. They include a teddy bear’s picnic, a Christmas entertainment, sponsored toddle/walk with picnic, Sports Day with picnic and much more as well. Parents are also most welcome to spend time at the nursery school at any time during the school year and to join in with their child’s play and learning.