Brook Nursery School

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Woodland School

The Heath Hills woodland adjoins the Pirrie Hall recreation green and is a short and vigorous walk up the grassy hill.

Taking inspiration from the Forest School movement, the children are taken to the woodland in small groups of up to eight children for Woodland School sessions. The ratio of 1 adult to 4 children helps to ensure the children's safe play while giving them the freedom to explore, investigate and learn without too many restrictions.

The woodland is an exciting environment in which to support children’s learning and development in all areas. The activities support children in taking and managing their own risks and challenges in a manner and pace that suits each individual child.

The children can engage in energetic activities such as den building, den dismantling, climbing onto fallen trees and clambering over upturned tree roots. They can also engage in more thoughtful activities such as looking for and investigating mini-beasts, collecting leaves, twigs and bark, understand the changing seasons, creating their own imaginary world using props such as small world characters and animals… the possibilities are endless!

The area is risk-assessed on each trip and the rules and boundaries are decided upon by both adults and children. Appropriate clothing is essential in order to enjoy the woodland all year round, both as protection from the weather and the undergrowth! We aim to go out in all weathers unless it is too windy or excessively wet/cold/hot.